Rainy Day Wedding Tips

While some consider rain on your wedding to be lucky, if you let it, rain can really ruin your special day especially when you’ve planned a beautiful outdoor wedding. So, with all the rainy and unpredictable Spring weather we’ve had so far, we wanted to share our rainy-day tips!


The weather forecast has been wrong, but that doesn’t help your nerves as the forecast predicts rain every single day. If you haven’t already spoken to your venues and suppliers and come up with a wet weather plan, now is the time to do that.

Your suppliers/venues have no doubt had lots of experience in wet-weather weddings and are there to help make your day. So if you’re not sure, ask them for advice.

A lot of venues will have already or be able to discuss with you wet-weather options and often have room to move you inside! But if this is not the case or you’d like to get married outside no matter the weather, you may wish to book a back-up venue or perhaps hire a tent! (We think tents looks gorgeous, having hung floral chandeliers in many—the options are for decorating them are endless.)

Floral Chandelier by Flowers By Helen Brown at Curzon Hall

A white floral chandelier we designed that was almost moved inside due to unpredictable weather!

Depending on your suppliers terms there’s a lot you can do to make the day special without sacrificing the styling. We’ve done wet-weather weddings before and we’re more than happy to make suggestions and offer advice.

Rainy Day Wedding Photo by Unplugged Photography

Rainy Day Wedding Photo by Unplugged Photography

Your photographer can have a lot of fun and capture the most gorgeous photos (Google: “Rain wedding photography”). But if that’s not your thing, you could organise to do a wedding shoot prior to the wedding day on a sunny day.

Make Up/Hair:
Let your hair stylist and make up artist know it might rain and they’ll use waterproof and hair de-frizzing products on the day.

Your caterers may be able to change the menu to suit more warmer foods or introduce some yummy hot-chocolates and warm drinks for the reception. Fun cocktails appropriately named to suit the weather, like the ‘Dark and Stormy’, will also bring plenty of smiles.

While your flower arrangements will probably handle a little rain they won’t look as lovely sitting under a heavy downpour for a while. The wonderful thing is that we make a lot of the floral arrangements off site and deliver them. Pew/aisle posies and decorations can be moved just like the chairs their attached to. With notice, we might be able to add or restyle arrangements to suit.

It is also important to note, your bouquets will get water-damage if they get wet and definitely won’t look as lovely in pictures. So we recommend keeping your bouquets indoors or under umbrellas and dry at all times.


Adorable and bright umbrellas for you and the bridal party and fun wellington boots will really brighten the day. Buy some in advance to match or introduce new colours to your theme.

Ask a friend to bring some hair-dryers for the ladies bathrooms at the reception and the venue to put out extra towels if it’s raining. Have a few extra umbrellas around for guests too.

You’ve decided on a plan to suit the weather with your venues and suppliers and you’ve decided on a time to act on it. Let your suppliers know to do the wet-weather plan, let your guests know and try to avoid changing the plan last minute.

Letting your guests know:
We recommend a mass text in addition to any wet-weather-cards or information included in the invitations/wedding website. Send a message to advise everyone of what to do and where to go and save all your contacts to a group or the one message that way you can go back to the group/message and send another without selecting everyone over and over again. (There are even people you can hire to do this for you!)

Keep in mind your guests will probably be a little late with the wet-weather and you may wish to delay your ceremony slightly if you’re able.

Dance in the rain. Your guests, who have also kept one eye on the weather for you, are here celebrating your marriage and at the end of the day you’re going to be with the one you love… Happily ever after.

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