Loose Posy

Picking your perfect wedding bouquet

Picking the perfect bouquet can feel quite overwhelming; there are many flowers, shapes, colours and sizes to choose from. While choosing colours and flowers is a whole different process, sizing and style usually stems from what you and your bridal party will be wearing on the day. Here’s what we’ve learnt over the years:


We have looked through many of our brides’ wedding albums and have done plenty of our own research, so we’re sharing with you what we know are our most popular sizes (in diameter). And, we are absolutely confident that these will make your bouquet look fantastic in your wedding album:

Petite 15cmperfect for a flower girl posy.
Small to medium 21cm—perfect for bridesmaids posies.
Medium 23-24cm— the perfect size for most brides. (Unless you have chosen a princess style wedding dress then go large!)
Large 24-26cm

Bouquet styles

The loose posy is natural stemmed posy perfect for an informal or garden wedding. The shape is unstructured, which gives it a lovely ‘garden picked’ effect. We use a mix of seasonal blooms, which are different in sizes and textured foliage throughout the flowers to achieve this look.

Loose Posy Loose Posy

Cluster posy design is round shaped from the front and side views. For a formal effect, we use one variety of flower. For a less formal look we use a mixture of varieties keeping the shape rounded. We use Camellia leaves around the base of the bouquet or wired dusty miller leaves.

Cluster Posy Cluster Posy

Teardrop Bouquet is a formal and completely wired bouquet to give it the shape and structure. Most commonly used blooms are roses, cymbidum orchids and lissianthus.


The softer style or more unstructured version is the Trailing Bouquet. To achieve the trail and provide the bouquet with movement we wire in some trailing orchid stems, freesias and other longer stemmed blooms.

12222 Trailing Bouquet

Florist’s Tip: It is important to bring along a photo of your wedding gown so we can make suggestions with regard to width and length of the two later bouquet styles (Teardrop and Trailing).