Get The Look: Kim & Kanye

We can’t get over the beautiful floral wall that adorned Kim and Kayne’s wedding, and apparently neither can you! 

A few of our brides have been asking about this beautiful wall of flowers for their wedding so we thought we’d write a post on how to get the look. If you don’t have the $100,000+ to copy the look exactly, here are Helen’s tips on how to get the look on a budget: 


  1. Use Seasonal Flowers: seasonal flowers are obviously cheaper. There are some beautiful big vibrant flowers that fill such as baby’s breath, hydrangea, and carnations.
  2. Cover a smaller wall: you can make a big statement with less, remember sometimes keeping it simple is best! (Or in this case, smaller).
  3. Hang white flowers on a white wall: the white wall will help disguise any gaps making your wall feel fuller with less.
  4. Use hanging flowers instead of covering a wall: beautiful strings of flowers will beautify any ceremony or reception venue, hung against a wall they’ll make a beautiful statement or even used as an imaginary wall.

What are you thoughts on Kimye’s wedding florals, love? loath? Let us know and any tips you’d like to share too in the comments below.